A uniquely styled rock covers band with over 27 years of gigging based in and around the Peterborough area

This Month's Gigs
April's Gigs
Fri 5th ***No Gigs***
Sat 6th ***No Gigs***
Fri 12th - Sat 13th *** No Gigs ***
Fri 19th - Thurs 30th *** No Gigs ***

Next Month's Gigs
May's Gigs
Fri 3rd The Bluebell Werrington
Fri 10th - Sat 18th *** No Gigs ***
Fri 24th ***No Gigs***
Sat 25th Charters Peterborough
Sun 26th Waterton Arms Beer Festival 8 - 10.30pm
Fri 31st The Yard Of Ale Peterborough